PRESS-RELEASE Nov 15, 2006

Paolo Cirio, AKA bidibid, (I, 1979)

As agitprop he organizes illegal events, from net-strikes to happenings on
the street and various radical culture jamming actions. He works with
video-art, street-art, body-art, public-art and interaction-design, especially
in the field of illegal-art. He is an activist against the NATO militarism
(he curated a international anti-NATO web portal). He was part of the
software-art collective [epidemiC] and collaborated with many other
historical Net.Art groups. Currently he works freelance as web designer
and web developer.

Alessandro Ludovico (I)

Alessandro Ludovico is a media critic and editor in chief of Neural magazine
from 1993 (,  Honorary Mention, Prix Ars Electronica
2004). He has written: 'Virtual Reality Handbook' (1992), 'Internet
Underground.Guide' (1995), 'Suoni Futuri Digitali' (Future Digital Sounds,
2000). He's one of the founding contributor of the Nettime community and
one of the founders of the 'Mag.Net (Electronic Cultural Publishers)' organization.
He's also an advisor for the Documenta 12's Magazine Project, and has lectured
all over Europe and Canada. He teaches Computer Art and Interface Aesthetics
at the Academy of Art in Carrara. From 2005 he collaborates with Ubermorgen
and P.Cirio with which he made the 'Google Will Eat Itself' (Honorary Mention
Prix Ars Electronica 2005, Rhizome Commission 2005, nomination Prix
Transmediale 2006) and 'Amazon Noir' projects.


Hans Bernhard 0043 650 930 00 61



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